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Whether it’s Donald Trump’s impeachment, the history of tobacco’s impact on human health or #WomenInSTEM, our researchers give insight into hot topics, provide opinion pieces and thought-provoking articles.  Take 5 and have a read. 

Life in the roman world

Roman worlds for diverse communities

22 June 2022

Professor Sarah Scott has led a team of students and colleagues to bring archaeology and classics to new audiences in...


Listening to the voice of food growers

Listening to the voice of food growers

26 April 2022

Dr Maria Touri, , Associate Professor, School of Media, Communication and Sociology, explores why listening to the voices of food...


Statue in the Ukraine

Putin’s obsessions. Russia, the Ukraine, and their shared past

8 March 2022

Alexander Korb, Associate Professor in Modern European History explores Putin's obsessions, and the shared past of Russia and the Ukraine...


Ukraine flag

Ukraine and the doctrine of Peace through Strength

2 March 2022

With the escalating situation changing daily in the Ukraine, Dr James Moore from the School of History, Politics and International...


Thirteen is an unlucky number

Thirteen is an unlucky number for UK Prime Ministers – will it prove so for Boris Johnson?

17 December 2021

Tor Clark, Associate Professor in Journalism explores why thirteen is an unlucky number for UK Prime Ministers, and will it...


Racism in sport – and how not to deal with it

30 November 2021

Professor John Williams takes a look at the issue of racism across sport and what’s next for English cricket.


How our future rests on COP26

29 October 2021

We desperately need world leaders at COP-26 to take radical and urgent action to enable a survivable planet. The severity...


Air pollution in a changing climate

29 October 2021

With air pollution being the single biggest environmental hazard across the world, Samuel Cai - Lecturer in Environmental Epidemiology explores...


What role for science and innovation in COP26 and Net Zero?

29 October 2021

With world-leaders gathering for COP26, Professor Paul Monks, CSA BEIS and University of Leicester, explores the role that science and...


Exposing the downsides of Homeworking in time to design new normals

25 October 2021

Professor Stephen Wood explores how the use of mass homeworking to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 has accelerated a trend...


Reflections on a crisis of social relations

11 October 2021

Dr Amy Clarke, Research Fellow at the University’s Centre for Hate Studies addresses how this year’s National Hate Crime Awareness...


The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan: the impact on Afghan people and families

29 September 2021

Dr Kelly Staples, Association Professor of International Politics, discusses how the situation in Afghanistan will impact Afghan people and their...


Afghan crisis blog image

EU response to Afghan refugees: from crisis and containment to resettlement?

21 September 2021

Dr Alan Desmond looks at the current crisis in Afghanistan and how the EU should respond to the Afghan refugee...


Observing space 2,200 years ago

Observing space 2,200 years ago

16 September 2021

Discovering Chankillo, an ancient solar observatory and a masterpiece of human creative genius.


Climate change and corals image

Tropical ocean climate swings sensed by corals

6 August 2021

Developing reliable, long-term reconstructions of ocean temperature, rainfall, and pollution levels from coral skeletons


Understanding and managing kidney disease

30 July 2021

Worldwide, one in ten people have chronic kidney disease, for which there is currently no cure.


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