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Entries for 'Social justice'

Unprecedented political times

A resignation in unprecedented circumstances

Boris Johnson’s resignation as leader of the Conservative Party has been unlike any other in recent times. Dr Richard Whitaker,...


Was Boris brought down by journalism

Was journalist-Prime Minister Boris Johnson brought down by journalism?

Tor Clark, Associate Professor in Journalism, explores the relationship between Boris Johnson and the media, and whether journalism contributed to...


Statue in the Ukraine

Putin’s obsessions. Russia, the Ukraine, and their shared past

Alexander Korb, Associate Professor in Modern European History explores Putin's obsessions, and the shared past of Russia and the Ukraine...


Ukraine flag

Ukraine and the doctrine of Peace through Strength

With the escalating situation changing daily in the Ukraine, Dr James Moore from the School of History, Politics and International...


Thirteen is an unlucky number

Thirteen is an unlucky number for UK Prime Ministers – will it prove so for Boris Johnson?

Tor Clark, Associate Professor in Journalism explores why thirteen is an unlucky number for UK Prime Ministers, and will it...


Racism in sport – and how not to deal with it

Professor John Williams takes a look at the issue of racism across sport and what’s next for English cricket.


Reflections on a crisis of social relations

Dr Amy Clarke, Research Fellow at the University’s Centre for Hate Studies addresses how this year’s National Hate Crime Awareness...


The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan: the impact on Afghan people and families

Dr Kelly Staples, Association Professor of International Politics, discusses how the situation in Afghanistan will impact Afghan people and their...


Afghan crisis blog image

EU response to Afghan refugees: from crisis and containment to resettlement?

Dr Alan Desmond looks at the current crisis in Afghanistan and how the EU should respond to the Afghan refugee...


Online racism and hate image

Hating Rashford, Sancho and Saka: what can we do about online racism and hate?

There was a certain inevitability that those three players – each of whom were also black – were immediately targeted...


Stephen Lawrence Day image

Stephen Lawrence Day

In the wake of of the trial for the murder of George Floyd, it feels more important than ever to reflect upon...


Harms of hate crimes image

Harms of hate: the trauma of being different

How can we support the victims of hate crime? Why do these attacks happen, and what forms do they take?...


Fightnig online sexual harrasment image

Online sexual harassment

Did the COVID-19 pandemic change the nature of online sexual harassment? With lockdowns leading to an increase in screen time,...


Recovering forensic DNA in cases of sexual violence in low-resource environments

Recovering forensic DNA in cases of sexual violence in low-resource environments

How can we help the victims of sexual violence access justice when forensic lab work isn’t readily available? Professor Lisa Smith and Professor Mark Jobling combine...


Harms of Hate: Social Justice and Inclusion

We all want to live in world where we are kind to one another. The Centre for Hate Studies, led...


Bacteriophages: Social Justice and Inclusion

Martha Clokie, Professor of Microbiology explains bacteriophages and how her research leads the fight on the war on superbugs.


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